Autonomous RC Car

NVIDIA Jetracer

April 29, 2022:

Most likely I will start with a TT-02 and the Donkey Car. I know the TT-02 chassis well now and the Donkey Car seems to have good online support. I am still undecided about using ROS vs Python.

Donkey Car Instructions

Autonomous RC Car Electronics? (RCTech Thread)

Robocar – TB05

Donkey Car on Discord

There are several different Autonomous RC Car Racing programs;

  1. Autonomous Racing Leagues/Competitions
  2. NXP Cup
  3. MXcarkit Autonomous Driving Challenge
  4. NVIDIA’s DIY Autonomous Car Race

So far the most interesting build that I have found is the NVIDIA Jetracer the build uses;

  1. NVIDIA Jetson Nano (or Raspberry Pi ?)
  2. Leopard Imaging Camera
  3. Plus chassis (thinking TT02), Brushless Motor, Batteries, etc.
  4. I have many questions, including adding GPS? Automated point-by-point driving?

I am also interested in learning about;

  1. Ardupilot Rover
  2. QGroundcontrol
  3. Pixhawk
  4. Donkey Car
  5. Donkey Car build instructions V2
  6. DIY Robocars
  7. Duckie Town
  8. Brain Robotics Building an Autonomous RC Car
  10. ROS Software
  11. VESC Software
  12. VESC $107