Kyosho MR-03 Mini-Z RWD

Purchased May 11, 2022: Kyosho MR-03 Mini-Z RWD with McLaren 12C GT3 2013, White & KT-531P 2.4GHz Transmitter $186 with shipping Mini-Zetup: Info you need before setting up a mini-z Mini-Zetup: Mini Z Race prep body for box stock

Stunt Truck

Learning About Monster Trucks, Stadium Trucks, Short Course Trucks. Great explanation of front flips, back flips, and combinations. 10 Best RC Cars Trucks in 2022 HBX 16889A Pro 1/16 HBX 16889A Pro 1/16 Review HBX 16889A Pro 1/16 Video Tekno RC MT410 1/10 Electric 4×4 Pro Monster Truck Kit $369 Team Associated Rival MT10 RTR 1/10 Brushless Monster Truck w/2.4GHz …

1/76 Scale

Purchased May 6, 2022, 1/76 Mini on Bangood ($60 USD with shipping).  1/76 scale mini by Shenzhen NewStone Technology Co., Ltd. Turbo Racing 1/76 Scale C72 vs. C73 vs. C71 1/76 Track Infinitrax 720

TT-02 for Speed Runs

Tamiya TT-02 SR Mamba Monster X Extreme ESC Turnigy Heavy Duty 3300mAh 3S 60C Lipo TP 3620 (6680 KV) confirm 3.175mm or 5mm shaft TT-02 Aluminum Propeller Shaft Tamiya 54752 Steering Upgrade Differential lock Sway bars Washers for differential Top deck Tamiya TT02 – fibre-lyte Gear Cover – fibre-lyte Disk Wheels Carbon Fiber inside of body Shell Xray SLP shocks …