To Do 2022

Losi Mini T

Hard to believe I have only been involved in RC building since September 2021!

I have learned a lot quickly and enjoyed the online communities, the building, and the learning. Driving and flying have been less successful. I have not found a great place to drive or to fly, and I spend most of my time researching and building.

  1. Finish projects
  2. Practice quadcopters
  3. Practice flying
  4. Find an RC club for racing

I love the Tamiya TT02 platform; inexpensive, has lots of online information, and has many upgrade parts. The Execute XQ2S has been my favorite build; great online community and great engineering of the chassis. The GL Racing GLR was an enjoyable build with a great online community, but parts have been difficult to source and ship. I seem to gravitate to well-engineered kits with a strong online following. Several projects have stalled because of difficulties, 3Racing Mini MG, MST Drift, and Tamiya M05 GTI.

Below are the current projects that I am thinking about;

  1. Losi 1/18 Mini-T 2.0 2WD Stadium Truck ($159 plus shipping)
    1. Used Mini-T ebay
  2. Tekno RC SCT410.3 kit ($319 plus body, wheels, and electronics)
  3. Team Associated Rival MT10 ($339 plus shipping)
  4. GL Racing GLD RWD 1/28 drift ($199 plus body, motor, wheels)
    1. Video: Garage RC Atomic vs GL Racing vs Techstorm
  5. Drift Art Classic ($199 plus body, motor and wheels)
  6. 1/76 track with barriers